desLibris IR is an institutional repository service for libraries and organizations seeking to use the desLibris platform for locally-owned or licensed content.

By integrating local content with desLibris content, desLibris IR gives library users the full desLibris suite of tools to support discovery, reference and research.

desLibris IR provides IP-authentication to serve copyright content to all users, proxy authentication for external use, and robust DRM to protect against exposure to legal action from copyright owners.

How does it Work?
Locally licensed monograph content like courseware and supplementary reading material is loaded in PDF form through a customized interface supporting bibliographic metadata entry, lookup and other tools to simplify the loading process.
The loaded PDF is converted to HTML for universal browser access and encrypted with the Sony URMS DRM.
Access is restricted by IP-authentication to users within the hosting institution. Individuals may open Patron or Individual accounts to gain access to personalization features.
All titles may be added to bookshelves and downloaded to DRM-protected personal reader apps.
Contact us to Open a no-obligation account

desLibris subscribers may open an IR account and begin loading content with little or no cost. Pricing is based on the amount of storage required and the number of concurrent users expected.

Current Subscription Value

Concurrent Users
Space (GB) 10 20 50 100 Unlimited
2 $ $ $ $ Quote
10 $ $ $ $ Quote
25 $ $ $ $ Quote
Other Quote Quote Quote Quote Quote

1 - These are annual prices in Canadian Dollars
2 - A one-time ingestion fee of per title applies
3 - The concurrent user limits apply only to local content.
A 10-user limit allows 10 users to be in "read" mode simultaneously. Searching and previewing are not subject to limits.