Monographs from Canadian publishers
organized for the digital library

Customers and Partners

The Canadian Electronic Library provides both libraries and publishers with both prepackaged collections as well as the means to create their own collections of content for audiences of internal users as well as for distribution to the wider public.


The combination of content and platform offers libraries and their users a new world of access and convenience.
CEL is delivered on ebrary, consistently voted most popular ebook platform available, which serves millions of books daily to millions of users worldwide in 5 languages. Once installed, the ebrary platform becomes a channel into which new titles and content may be added with no additional overhead. There are over 200,000 books available for subscription or purchase under a variety of plans.


Institutional and commercial publishers may license the ebrary platform to create online libraries of their own content for either public or membership access. With the Host Your Own Content service, publishers which now offer downloadable PDF content can enhance access and serve users better by offering fulltext search of all documents.