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Borrow by Downloading

Now library users of all Canadian Electronic Library collections may borrow complete books by downloading these to their portable devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader.

This feature is provided without additional charge. Here’s how it works:


1. The user/patron must have an ebrary Bookshelf Account to access downloads. Those without accounts may easily set them up on the “Sign in” page.

ebrary signin

2. To transfer a downloaded file to a portable device, the user/patron must have installed Adobe Digital Editions (free software) for viewing and managing ebooks.

More information on installing Adobe Digital Editions

Get Started

Sign in to your Bookshelf account:

Once a desired title is found through the search interface, click the “Download” button (either in Search or Quickview tab.)

This will present a “Download Options” dialog box giving choices for either PDF image printing or downloading entire documents.

Selecting “Download” will trigger an Adobe Content Server message.

Once the file is downloaded it will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

iPad App

A free mobile app is also available to facilitate downloading to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This provides online access to content on the CEL/ebrary platform, and supports download and offline reading. To find the app, search “ebrary” on the iTunes store.

More information on transferring files to digital devices

Terms and Conditions

There is no charge to library customers for this feature.

The number of downloads permitted for a given title is determined by the user license held by your library. This applies on a title-by-title basis.



Unlimited download privileges



Unlimited download privileges



No download privileges*

*The reason for the limitation for SUPO titles is that a Download represents a checkout. In order to maintain online access, one copy is reserved for online use. This is, however, a default which can be changed by the library Administrator.

The Fine Print

The CEL/ebrary download function is designed for research applications as opposed to casual reading. Which means this: the downloaded file provided by the application is a PDF, not a reflowable epub. This means that the book may not present as well on smaller-screen portable devices. It presents very well on an iPAD or tablet or any computer screen; all original formatting is intact. While this is not a disadvantage in the CEL environment because the collection is designed for research and study purposes and the content is primarily non-fiction, it is a factor which should be understood.

Further Information and Training

See http://support.ebrary.com/?cat=69 for documentation. A Powerpoint presentation on the subject is here.

ebrary offers live training for the download feature on Mondays at 11am Pacific Time, Wednesdays at 8am Pacific Time, and Thursdays at 8pm Pacific Time. Please sign up using the ebrary web form, or email ebtrain@ebrary.com to schedule a separate session for your institution.

For support on the new feature, please address questions and comments to support@ebrary.com.

If you have questions specific to Canadian Electronic Library, please address them to support@canadianelectroniclibrary.ca

Download Widget

Libraries may direct users to these instructions by placing this widget on their sites:

Donload now Available


To place this link on a website, copy and paste the following source code:

<table width="292" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="278">
<p align="center"><a href="http://www.canadianelectroniclibrary.ca/cel-downloads.html"><img src="http://www.canadianelectroniclibrary.ca/widgets/download.png" width="300" height="166" /></a></p>
<p align="center">&nbsp;</p></td>