SOLS Member Trial Request

To set up a trial for CEL on desLibris for your library, please complete and submit the form.

The trial will give you password-based access to the content options you have selected as well as all features available to library administrators.

This free account will be active for 30 days. Midway through the trial period, you’ll receive an invoice for the content chosen. You may cancel or alter your content choices and the invoiced amounts at any time during the trial period.

If/when you are ready to proceed with a paid subscription, you may either issue a purchase order or pay the invoice.

At that point, your account will be switched to IP-authentication, at which point the licensed content will be available through IP-authentication to all users in your library.

We will provide more information on next steps when your trial is ready to use.

Thank you for your interest in CEL/desLibris.