In 2008, 68 CRKN members licensed 8129 titles from CEL under perpetual access terms. The original license agreement allowed for hosting on the ProQuest/ebrary platform as well as Scholars Portal. This hosting arrangement will end on July 15, 2017, when the current agreement expires and CEL content will be removed from ProQuest.

CEL is offering to continue hosting this content on its desLibris platform, and is already doing so without charge for current subscribers to the Books Collection.

Non-subscribers may order hosting at the price of $.05/year per FTE, which is the same price which has applied to the service from ProQuest since 2014. This charge is waived for subscribers to the Books or Complete Collections.

To assist CRKN members in assessing these options, this page provides member-specific information on license eligibility, current order status and pricing. Where no current subscription is in place, members may elect to add one in order to receive continued access to the licensed content.

Select your institution name in the dropdown box to view your current status. Click “Request more information” to request a quote.

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Both Books & Documents
Documents only:
Open Access Public Documents
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Copyright Books from Canadian publishers
CRKN Licenced Titles:
Titles purchased through CRKN Acquisition

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A spreadsheet is provided here to assist CRKN members interested in licensing titles which are not included in the CRKN license.
This provides a list of over 13,500 Book titles from CEL on desLibris which are not included in the CRKN collection, but are available for library purchase.

These titles are from 70 Canadian publishers, contributed to CEL between Sept 2005 and May 2017..

The sheet provides filters which may be used to make selections; these include Publisher, Publisher Type, Publication Year, Subject, Language, License Models available. (The filter columns are coloured.)

Using these, you may, for example, exclude titles which are included in the subscription service.

To use the sheet to generate an estimate or quote, filter by desired elements, then use column R to indicate desired Access Option (S or M.)

List prices are set by publishers.

Pricing is based on License model as follows:
Single-user: List price
Multiple simultaneous user: 150% of List price

The sheet will calculate pricing based on Access Option and report a cumulative total in cell S13566.

Discounts of up to 20% are available to CRKN members on the scale shown on the discount tab.

All titles may be viewed in desLibris using the link in column C. All orders will be activated on member accounts immediately upon receipt.

To order or inquire further, please contact

Catalogue PER MIN Max
Complete (Books & Documents) $1.00 $2,400 $24,000
Books Only $0.80 $2,000 $20,000
Documents Only $0.30 $1,200 $7,000
CRKN Hosting $0.05
Special Collections (per catalogue) $0.30 $500 $1,000
Irwin LawPlease see the Irwin Law Catalogue Page

Replacing CEL MARC Records

CEL's MARC Record delivery Process is described here:

To remove the CEL ebrary records from your catalogue and replace with new desLibris records, see the “Transition from ProQuest” tab on that page.

Customized Replacements

If your library has enhanced its CEL records, we can offer the service of updating them to the desLibris format while preserving the enhancements. There will be a charge of $.08/record or $50/hour for this service. Please inquire for details.

CEL has adopted the Sony URMS DRM technology to support its new reader app, which will be available on Google Play and Apple iStore in the summer.
Because it works in an API/networked environment, URMS ideally suited for library applications because it eliminates many of the steps required in the current dominant technology created by Adobe more than 10 years ago. With URMS, access to purchased or borrowed titles by authenticated users is immediate; no license servers or third-party accounts are required.

Another advantage of this new technology is that source files (epub and PDF) encrypted with URMS may be stored anywhere without compromising the rights originally granted. This means that libraries may take possession of the source files they have licensed.
The desLibris platform provides these files in the Library Repository provided to every account. With this utility and URMS, all CRKN titles may be downloaded into local hosting servers by any CRKN member holding a 2008 License entitlement.

The DASH “local content hosting” service offered by ebrary is being discontinued as of 12/31/17. If your library has loaded local content to the DASH service, CEL is working to assume the hosting service, and will do so without charge for current Complete subscribers for public domain content. (A per document charge will apply to other subscribers.)

CEL is also offering hosting services for DRM-protected content, but a per-title charge will apply. If you are interested in adding Local Content to your desLibris site, please add this request to your “Request More Information” form.