MARC Records

MARC records (bibliographic records provided in standardized form) are vital for the integration of books in libraries. Using a new "Dynamic MARC creation tool," desLibris provides a MARC record for every book or document available in the online library as soon as the book or document is released. These records contain the urls/hyperlinks needed to link the record to the book or document in the library collection.

Obtaining MARC Records for desLibris

For full information desLibris MARC services for library clients, go to

MARC records are available only to individuals holding Library Administrator accounts. To start, login here, enter your email and password, and go to your Library Dashboard.


Every desLibris Account has access to CELARC, the MARC archive. Here all records in the system are available for query or review. CELArc is open to the public for search of all books and documents in desLibris. It also provides several MARC support functions for institutions subscribing to the service. Using CELArc, subscribers may export and download records customized for their institutional OPACs. And they may report errors and request corrections from SLC, the MARC supplier for CEL.

Delete Files

From time to time, titles may be removed from desLibris subscription packages. When this happens the MARC record is removed from the current sets. To learn more, go to In order to align your catalogue with the current set of titles, you may use these links to download sets of records which have been deleted for any reason since the record was initially distributed. These Zip files contain a csv list of control numbers and the MARC records affected. These sets contain delete records for any title removed since the first desLibris subscriptions were licensed in 2014.
We have created separate books delete sets for libraries that took part in the 2008 CRKN purchase, since the CRKN licensees retain access to some titles that are no longer in the books subscription collection. Some libraries may hold additional titles that are also in the subscription collection, so may want to check the deletions set against their holdings.

Sample Records

Three sample sets are provided;

Full MARC Is provided for all Books in the service. As of March 2017, Documents will be provided in Minimal MARC form only.

Title Lists

Click here to download a complete list of titles available in desLibris.