CEL has designed desLibris to help you work and maintain access to subscriptions you have rights to from where ever your are. desLibris personalization features and library stacking capabilities keep all your documents and books available to you from anywhere all the time.


desLibris currently supports the Sony URMS eReader which is available for both iOS and Android.

Control what your eReader can see from your profile page. This will allow you to either see all desLibris content or just what you have access to.

There is no loan period for most titles. Just download what you need and keep it as long as you need.

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Use your Library's Subscriptions - AKA Stacking

Stacking permissions is a feature of desLibris that allows account holders, access to the subscriptions of all the libraries they use in addition to titles they have purchased.

See your active stacks from your desLibris profile page. This will show you which libraries your account is currently using subscription rights from.

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Stick It! Service

Stick-It is a way of keeping a document available for registered account holders.

Stick-It offers these additional advantages:

  • Access to the title on eReaders
  • Reliable access to the title
  • Access to full text within desLibris
  • Personal annotations
  • Personal bookmarks
  • Download a watermarked version the PDF

Get your Own Subscription

If you don't have access to a library holding a desLibris Documents Subscription you can sign up for your own from your account. Both annual and monthly subscriptions are available.

From your desLibris account sign up from the account settings tab in your profile.

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