Share Class Lists from your Bookshelf

Within desLibris you have your own Bookshelf which allows you to create and share folders. This is an excellent way to group Courseware and supplemental reading together into a single, shareable resource. The bookshelf folder is a private link which can be e-mailed to students who can then link directly to the desLibris resource.

Reliable Sources

All Titles within desLibris are ensured to be accredited.

Work/Study from Anywhere

desLibris's account stacking feature allows students and faculty to maintain access to desLibris content within thier personal accounts from anywhere and from any device.
All content is available online and on both iOS and Android eReaders.

In your Discovery Layer

desLibris delivers MARC records to each Institution to make sure each Title can be found in your own Institution’s Discovery Layer.

We don't have it? Send it to us

If you know of a public document that we are missing you can use our Suggest A Document feature to ask us to add it.

The Online Reader and Personalization

The desLibris online reader helps you find what you need, keep organized and circulate information. All personalized elements (annotations,bookmarks) remain updated and available anywhere (on shared machines or your own).
Make bookmarks right within the title to keep track of important pieces of information.
Annotations and Highlights
Make your own notes, highlight or underline text within the title.
Citations, Copying, Printing and downloading
For books, fair use copying and printing rules apply to all titles. For documents you can print or copy as much as you like. Annotations and highlights made are printed with the selection.
Citations generated are standard and specific to the title so students will easily be able to credit the appropriate works.
Full Screen Reading and Accessibility
Easily read content by making the reader full screen or zooming in on text.
Search within the Title and Smart Links
Search within the text of the title or click on links within the table of contents or index to jump directly within the title.
Multiple Layout modes
desLibris supports multiple layout modes to help you read or browse through titles.
Support page and Video

How Do I Get Access to these Titles?

Through Existing desLibris Subscriptions

Many of these Titles are available as part of the Books Collection or Complete Collections purchased by Institutions across Canada.

Titles that are not part of the Books or Complete Collections can be purchased with a multi User licence through your Institution. Check with your library.

Don't know if your School is a Subscriber?
Your Institution not a desLibris Subscriber?

Almost every title in desLibris is available to individuals to purchase at standard retail prices. Once purchased is available perpetually through the website and on iOS and Android tablets.

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