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Over 90 independent Canadian publishers have to date made over 16,000 titles available for library use through subscription licensing, allowing for multiple concurrent users. Many volumes and series critical for the pursuit of Canadian studies are available here. Most of these titles are also available under perpetual access licensing terms.

Special Collections

These are collections of titles or series from leading Canadian publishers in specialist fields. Several collections are now available, and new collections will be added regularly.

Perpetual Access Licensing

To guarantee continued access, desLibris offers perpetual access licensing for most of the 20,000+ titles in the service. Perpetual access licenses are available under various terms as set by publishers. The primary license options are:

“SUPO:” This license restricts use to one viewer or borrower. When a SUPO-licensed book is in use, the system gives a “check again” message to other potential readers/borrowers. SUPO pricing is equivalent to the book list price

“MUPO:” This license provides the library with multiple concurrent-user access. MUPO pricing is set at 150% of the book list price as set by publishers.

How to order perpetual access licenses? dèsLibris is a database of Canadian monographs offering a rich selection of over 16,000 e-books.

The Irwin Law Collection

The entire catalogue of Canadian legal publisher Irwin Law is available through the Canadian Electronic Library. Over 230 titles published from 1997 to date are currently included in the collection, and new titles and updated editions are added to the collection as they appear.

The Irwin Law Collection is available on an annual subscription basis under license terms specific to this Collection. These titles are not available in other CEL subscription collections, nor are they available under a perpetual access license.

Full MARC records are provided for every title, making integration with the OPAC simple and straightforward.

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The Ulysses Travel Guide Library

Canada’s leading travel publisher has released its entire collection of online travel guides as a CEL collection. With more than 300 titles available now, the collection is regularly updated with new titles as they are issued.

Ulysses offers guides for independent travellers, with a finger on the pulse of other cultures and a thirst for knowledge. Sources of complete and reliable information, based on solid research. Books that open up new and exciting destinations for travellers heading off the beaten track and willing to push their adventures beyond the usual limits... This is what Ulysses Travel Guides offer!

Ulysses Travel Guides offer a perfect balance of the pragmatic and enlightened aspects of travel. Each title includes countless recommendations for all budgets, complemented by a rich cultural perspective as well as detailed and accurate cartography.

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