dèsLibris Additional Services

désLibris offers Canadian content owners free online ebook distribution and optional priced digital conversion services.

Publishers and authors seeking to maximize ebook quality, discovery and distribution may take advantage of these additional services:


Digital Conversion Services

Combining automation and proprietary technology, we are able to offer publishers high quality, rapid turnaround and low prices.

Every book title available for distribution on desLibris has been rendered in HTML5 from a print or other PDF supplied by the publisher. Fixed layout ePUBs are simply “packaged” HTML. So the book that you see on desLibris is an exact rendering of the Fixed layout ePUB you will receive. The Reflowable ePUB version will be different only with respect to page layout, which is what makes it “reflowable.”

Say goodbye to:

Font copyright issues No copyrighted fonts are used in the process even though we preserve the original appearance of the printed products. There is no font obfuscation necessary.
Source files All work is done from PDF; no InDesign or source files are required.
Excessive review time For Fixed Layout, 100% correspondence to PDF is guaranteed.
Math and table problems Where these are present in the PDF as vectors/text, they will be delivered as HTML coded text, enhancing clarity and functionality.
Vendor hassles Fixed layout ePub files can be uploaded to all major vendors.
Language issues The process is language-agnostic. Right to left languages are easily converted.


Format Description Price
POD Print on demand formatted to Lightning Source specs $ .10/page
Web-Enhanced PDF PDF enhanced with navigational aids like bookmarked and tiered Tables of Contents and linked Index entries $. 25/page
Fixed Layout ePUB (2 formats/files included)

Fixed Layout ePUB provides accurate correspondence to the PDF supplied (works with iOS, and Kobo)

Fixed Layout MOBI is a fixed layout format with Kindle compatibility (best suited for content that requires fixed layout)

$. 70/page
Reflowable ePUB (2 formats/files included)

Reflowable ePUB provides device-adapted correspondence between the original PDF and the final eBook files. (Works with all platforms that accept ePub files)

Reflowable MOBI provides Kindle compatibility across devices.  

$. 70/page
All ePUB Formats above   $. 80/page
All Formats Above  All ePUB, POD and Web-Enhanced PDF $1.00/page
XML XML is the foundation of all formatted text. Publishers should maintain a richly-tagged XML file for every book in stock, because this is the generic format which will be usable regardless of current standards and styles. Add XML to any order. $ .10/page
Hardcopy  Surcharge for conversion from hardcopy $ .25/page

Prices are based on the source file being provided to CEL at content owner's expense.

The most common source file is PDF, but we can work from InDesign or Word (although extra charges may apply.)

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

The Discovery Package

This option is designed for publishers who have completed their book in PDF, but need help in the creation of epub formats and metadata.

This package includes everything needed to submit ebooks to distributors like Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords. Or to a print-on-demand service printer. Once conversion is complete, distribution of epub and metadata to distirbution partners may be done through the Publisher Repository.

Under this option, Publisher supplies:

  • ISBN
  • PDF
  • Basic Metadata

We provide:

  • Enhanced PDF
  • POD-ready PDF
  • Reflowable and fixed layout epub
  • Full Onix metadata

This service item is available to all desLibris publishers for any title in the system. See here for submission instructions.

Distribution through CEL/desLibris is optional. All distribution choices may be set using the Manage Titles module on the Publisher Dashboard.

To order, go to your Publisher Dashboard and select Order Conversion. From the menu of items, choose "Discovery Package." Or work from the TItle Management module as described here.

After order placement you will receive an email confirmation; the materials (epub and metadata) will be delivered within a week to 10 days.

If you are starting with a manuscript (you have not yet produced a PDF,) use our Composition Service to get your book to the distribution stage.

More on Metadata
To learn more about metadata for publishers, read this book available for free on desLibris:


All Publisher Accounts have access through their dashboards to a repository of all their digital files on desLibris. This may be used as a backup or a way of sending selected digital files and metadata to partners and distributors through FTP or popular drive services.

  • Multiple distribution options
    • FTP
    • Google Drive
    • DropBox
  • Tracking of Distributed Content

Other Notes

Creative Commons Licensing

In order to submit a book for inclusion in desLibris Open Access, the content or copyright owner must allow distribution under a Creative Commons license. More information on Creative Commons.

When you register with desLibris as an Open Access Publisher/Contributor, you will be asked to accept the terms of the "Attribution-NoDerivs" license to your book. This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.